Keynote Speaker

Martin Gomez-Ullate,

University of Extremadura, Spain

Trials in the era of Internet. An anthropological approach to the trial over the secession bid (“juicio al procés”) in Spain
Martín Gómez-Ullate
PhD in Social Anthropology. A distinguished researcher, professor and project manager in the University of Extremadura (Spain) with more than ten years’ experience in conducting and participating international, cross-border, national and local R+D projects in cultural management, applied anthropology, cooperation and local development. Expert in new social movements, his works on counterculture are a classical reference in Social Sciences in Spanish language.
A fieldwork Anthropologie, a poet, and a traveler, he has lived and researched in Portugal, France, Mexico, and the USA. He has researched on many different fields of cultural heritage and development, doing sociocultural diagnosis in Nhanhu lands (Mexico), working on genres as musical poetic duels in America, putting the basis for a museum of pulque and maguey in the state of Hidalgo (México), reflecting on national identity and social representations in Portugal, focusing on migrant issues in France, studying cultural pilgrimage routes in Europe.

Professor of guitar and qi gong in lifelong learning processes, combining research and education. Other research lines in which he works at the present are food tourism, music tourism, ethnomusicology. A good share of his work can be retrieved at .

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